Best mangonada at El Mercadito

I recently found a place here in Los Angeles where they have the best mangonada.

For people who don't know what a Mangoneada is it is like an icee with mango, shaved ice, chilly powder, and chamoy. Different places have different versions, but this is the one I like the most.

Many people had told me about El Mercadito in East Los Angeles.

They told that if I wanted to find any traditional Mexican food, candy, or treats I'll find it there. So I decided to take a trip with my wife.

The first thing we saw, was an Altar of the Virgin Mary.  People were taking pictures so I went ahead and took a picture with my wife.

Before entering El Mercadito there were some food stands that reminded me of Mexico. They sold of foods, snacks, ice cream, and desserts I used to buy in Mexico.

That's where I bought the mangonada, it was a hard decision because I also wanted to buy a diablito.  I actually bought both and they tasted almost the same.

Unlike the other ones I had bought before at other places they used mango from a can.  This one had fresh cut mango all the way to the top. They didn't make it to spicy or to mild it was perfect.

Don't expect El Mercadito to look like a mall either it looks like a traditional Mexican market.  From my experience, in an open air market there is always trash on the floors and everybody screams loud trying to sell their products

If you come to Los Angeles or live in LA you should check it out. If you are looking for certain type of Mexican food, candy, or any other items there is a big chance you'll find it there

And don't forget to get a Mangoneada or a churro with cajeta those are good to.

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